Summer 2017

Summer 2017:


Neuroethologist Dr Nicolas Nagloo examines the spectral sensitivity of Australian crocodile species.
Are zebra stripes a type of optical art that confounds the senses of the spotted hyena? Antoni Milewski suggests they are.
How do migratory birds navigate enormous distances across the globe? Susanne Akesson and Giuseppe Bianco explain geomagnetic navigation.
Juan Pablo Culasso has been blind from birth, yet he is one of South America’s best birdwatchers, able to recognise more than 1000 species from birdsong alone.
Plants react to touch and move in response to stimuli, as Olivier van Aken explains, so is it time we considered flora to be ‘sensory’ if not ‘sentient’?
Studies show animals are modifying their behaviour in response to altered sonic environments, writes Carolina Benitez, reporting on soundscape ecology.

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